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Truly Meaningful Things


Why is it so hard to write things that mean something? I always struggle with this. I think that we all are trying to find something that makes our lives meaningful. I always wanted to be an artist of some sort. You know, someone who has a creative mind. A songwriter. A photographer. A painter. I’m not saying that I am not any of those, it’s just that I’ve never thought my abilities in those areas were good enough to share with the world. So then I ask, is it important that I share those with the world? Is sharing your work what gives meaning? And I think the answer to that is no. I can do those things for myself, but there is something to be said to be someone who creates things that mean something to other people. When I look at my life, the thing that I think that I have the best shot at when it comes to making something that I truly want to share with the world is writing. I am in awe of the written language everyday and I want to contribute to that. I guess what I’m saying is that all I want is to create truly meaningful things. I think we all should.

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