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Life’s Too Short For Burnt Toast

photo (4)I’ve recently moved in with some relatives of mine while I complete my final teaching practicum. Before moving to my new home I was quite nervous because I was facing the unknown. I had only met these relatives once before when I was very young, so I had no idea what my life would be like in this new home. I am pleased to say I feel more at home than I could have ever imagined. What I find most important about my time here is that I am surrounded by people who live with such a positive perspective. You can feel the positive energy as soon as you cross the threshold of this home. They are teaching me appreciation of the little things in life. This morning for example I burned my toast and was quite upset about ruining my breakfast. I could have let it ruin my entire day, but then my aunt walked into the kitchen and said frankly “life’s too short for burnt toast.” In that moment I realized something, that life really is too short. Life is too short for wearing uncomfortable shoes, for always being in a rush, and holding grudges. Life’s too short to complain about the weather and to have regrets. Life’s too short for worrying about the future and for not saying I love you. And life certainly is too short for burnt toast.

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To Letters Unsigned And Unsent Out Of Fear

tea and letter

Lately I’ve been thinking about the relationships I have in my life. In the past four years I’ve lived in three different places and soon I’ll be moving again. One part of me, the adventurous side, loves the movement. There’s something so refreshing about picking up your pieces and starting somewhere new. The other part of me, however, is getting tired of spreading myself so thin. It’s hard to make meaningful relationships with other people when you only know them for a short period of time. So I find myself trapped in this limbo of wanting to make new relationships while at the same time feeling like I’ve already exhausted that capacity. When I feel torn like that, I tend to shut down and I no longer try to foster relationships past or present. And I realize that is a really negative way to think about my life. Instead of feeling spread across different places, I should feel lucky that I have had the chance to meet so many beautiful people in so many different places. I am grateful for the people in my life. I really am. And the most important thing for me to do is to tell these people that I love them. That they are special. And that they have changed me. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to sit down and write one letter a day to every person that has made a difference in my life. Because I might not get that chance again.

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But That Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Try

But That Doesn't Mean I Can't Try

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel a fair bit in my life for such a young age. The thing that I love about travelling is that you get to meet so many different places. I find it fascinating to experience the different personalities of cities around the world. Each place I’ve been to has left a certain mark on me, a memory. Travelling is exotic. And I think a longing for travelling is natural feeling for many people. So it’s quite easy to fall in love with a city far away. The more difficult task really is falling in love with your own city. Sometimes we feel stuck in a monotonous life and we no longer notice the nuances of the place we live. On these days I always dream of travelling to somewhere new and exciting, an escape from my ordinary life. But that is no way to live. We should not feel the need to travel to take a break from our lives. Every moment is a part of your life whether it’s in the heart of New York or on an acreage in the rural suburbs. One should not be more exciting, more real, than the other. So it is with this mindset that I look upon the city that I am living in now. Though it is a transitional stepping stone in the path of my life, I want to look upon this place with new eyes. I want to find the quirks of this city, because every place has its quirks. Is every day going to be an adventure? Hell no. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try.

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It’s The Fleeting Urge to Run, Like a Bird Flying by on a Summer Breeze

Today’s Soundtrack Sunday is a song from my favorite band, Parachute. They released a new album a couple of weeks ago called Overnight. I have been waiting for this album for ages. The problem with this is that after waiting so long, you start to expect more and hold things to higher standards. I am by no means disappointed by the new album, it’s just very different from their old stuff so it took a while to appreciate the new turn Parachute has taken. And I’ve got to say, it is an impressive album. Parachute never fails to produce good music. This song is my favorite on the album so give a listen and maybe you’ll fall in love with them too. Happy Sunday all! xo

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Soundtrack Sundays

So I’ve decided to start a little consistency up with this blog! I love blogging, but up until this point my posts have been really sporadic. This is why I’ve came up with a new weekly post: Soundtrack Sunday. If you know me at all you’ll know that I have a wild love affair with music and I want to share this love with you. So that being said, every Sunday I’ll be posting a new song. I of course will continue to post my musings on life as I have been previous to this. Anyways, I look forward to sharing my music with you and I of course would love if you shared your music with me as well. Have a lovely week all!

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Will You Be My Memory?

right by the ocean


So if you haven’t noticed, music is kind of a big deal for me. There are many reasons why music is so important to me, and one of them is that they are the perfect markers of time. A song can bring back really vivid memories for me. It is the most beautiful thing when a song brings you down memory lane. I find a compilation of songs has an even greater power of transporting me to the past. This is why I am always making mixed tapes and playlists. I’ve decided to make a playlist of some of my favorite songs to be the soundtrack to my summer. Feel free to give a listen to the songs that I’ll be blasting all summer, and maybe one day they’ll bring you back to the summer of twenty thirteen as well!

My Summer Playlist:

Photo found on We Heart It

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