I Hope When the Morning Comes You’ll Say: I Did It All

I’ve always had contradicting feelings when it comes to the New Year. Sometimes I feel really cynical about the New Year because I feel the holiday gets too much hype. People say “this will be my year” as if the clock turning to midnight this night will be different than any other night. Why do we need a holiday to make a change in our lives? It all just seems a little too cliche for me at times.

But sometimes I think maybe there is something special about the New Year that makes it easier to make a change. Maybe it is easier to change something in your life if you know the whole world will wake up the next morning and do the same.

Either way, the New Year is a time for reflecting on the past year, and this past year has been a big one for me.

In 2013…

~ I found that my passion lies in history and sociology

~ I said goodbye to my friends and professors after two amazing years at university

~ I worked one last summer in my home town and after five years working at the public library I said goodbye to my colleagues who have become my friends

~ I spent the summer blogging, taking pictures, and drinking tea lattes

~ I went on my annual August long road trip with my best friend

~ I made jam for the first time with my mother

~ I moved to the city into my first apartment, with a stranger for a roommate I might add, and we’ve become great friends

~ I started at a new university where I transferred into a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in early childhood. Even though that meant saying goodbye to a lot of people I loved and to put a hold on my formal studies of history and sociology

~ I survived my first practicum of teaching grade 2’s for five weeks (and by survived I mean had the most amazing experience of my life and became way too emotionally attached to my class of 7 year olds)

~ I had my first Christmas away from my family because I spent the holidays on an unforgettable adventure in Europe with my cousin

When it comes down to it, there is something magical about the New Year. It’s a time for reflection and new beginnings. So here’s to a new beginning for us all, bring it 2014!


I think this picture sums up my year: sweet tea, taking pictures with my best friend, and my not so photogenic face! x.

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Happy Holidays

Christmas is no doubt my favorite season of the entire year. I love the snow, the traditions, the family and friends, the food, the music, the movies, and the magical feeling that comes with the holidays.
This year I’ve strayed from tradition and I’m spending the holidays abroad. My cousin and I have been spreading the Christmas cheer in Europe this year and I couldn’t be happier to spend it in such great company!
What awes me every day on my European Adventure is that I know that as soon as I wake up I will be making memories that will last me for a lifetime. I am so lucky and so blessed to be spending the holidays with my cousin in this way.
I wish everyone happy holidays filled with friends, family, and memories. x


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Tea and Flashcards

Tea and Flashcards

Doesn’t everyone start off their Monday mornings with a pot of blueberry tea (in an epic Harry Potter teapot made by yours truly I might add) and reviewing flashcards? If you don’t, you really should. It’s a really peaceful way to spend the morning. But whatever your Monday may be, I hope you’re having a lovely day! x

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Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays

Inspiration is something I am always in search of in my daily life. I find if I have inspiration I have a focus, I have meaning. When I’m inspired by something I see things in a new light, with a different lens. The problem is, inspiration can be hard to come by.

In an ideal situation, we would all have enough time to explore everything we wanted. We would all be able to travel, to journal, to go for long walks on crisp fall days, read every book on our reading lists, spend all day in coffee shops in oversized sweaters. We would have all the time in the world. But we don’t. Life is busy. It’s fast paced. And sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day happenings that We forget to live.

Lately, I’ve been forgetting to take a breath and just be in the moment. It’s stating to get me down, so I’ve found a way to combat this: Motivational Mondays. My goal is to set aside an hour every Monday do something I love. Yes it’s actually written into my calendar. This way I have to take time out of my week to let myself breathe.

This Monday I went for a beautiful fall walk. It is my favorite time of year and I really wanted to spend some time outside in the crisp fall air. I made the perfect playlist and just walked. It was absolutely beautiful and it gave me the clarity I needed to start this week.

I encourage everyone to try and take an hour a week to do something that inspires them, even if you have to pencil it in to your calendar, trust me it will be the best part of your week.

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Strangers Helping Each Other Along This Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Life


I wanted to share one of my favorite websites with everyone on my blog: emotionalbaggagecheck.com. Basically this website is a place to dump all of your emotions out into the cyber world for someone to respond to. So you “check” your baggage in and then someone will “pick up” your baggage by responding with kind words and a song. Seriously isn’t that the greatest thing!?

This site is absolutely wonderful for so many reasons:

It’s completely anonymous. You only need to use your email to receive your message, but the person who “picks up” your baggage has no way of seeing your email or contacting you in any way other than the one message of kind words.

It’s a place of harmony. Most people who use this website are there for the same reasons you are, to find a little hope in their day. And it’s such a beautiful thing to connect with complete strangers even if it is for a fleeting moment in time.

It’s secretly a music site. My favorite part of this site is that on top of sending kind words to each other, you send a link to a song that you think will be meaningful to their situation. Music speaks on so many levels and sometimes all you need is a song and a few kind words to get through the day.

On a more personal note, emotional baggage check has helped me through some really tough situations. I discovered this website in my first year of university which was an extremely difficult time in my life. At a time in my life where I felt so completely alone, emotional baggage check was a place where I could find a little hope. It made me feel a little less alone. I’ve saved every message anyone has ever sent me on this site and sometimes I return to these words when I’m having a rough day. It is amazing how a few simple kind words from a complete stranger can have such a huge impact on your life. So if you’re feeling down, or you feel like lending a helping hand, visit this website and join the community of strangers helping each other along this emotional roller coaster that is life.


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It’s Time To Stop

It's Time To Stop

I’ve recently became aware of the “words hurt” campaign which raises awareness on our everyday language and how the words we are using may be hurting others. We’ve become so numb to the words we use and this campaign is a great way to bring this issue to light. “That’s so gay” “That test raped me” “This class is retarded” are just some of the many slurs people use without thinking. The fact is, using these terms in a negative context, even if we don’t mean for them to be negative, is still hurtful to others and it’s time to stop. Join me, and the many others, in eliminating the negative slurs from our everyday language. Be a catalyst for change and stand up to words that hurt.

~The beauty of standing up for your rights is that others will see you standing and stand up as well~

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And the Rest is Still Unwritten

If my life was laid out in the pages a book, this would most definitely be the start of a new chapter.

See, I’ve recently transferred to a new university in order to complete my BEd degree. Previous to this, I lived in a small town and went to a small campus, so city life is a big step for me. To top it off, all of my close friends stayed at my old campus. In short: new school, BIG campus, and virtually no friends. The very definition of daunting. But it is also the definition of a new beginning.

Instead of letting myself be intimidated by these mega changes, I’m taking this new adventure head on. My very motto is everythingintransitt, so why not immerse myself into the city life and live to my greatest potential? In this past week alone I’ve already been faced with many challenges I’ve never met before, but I’m not going to let myself slip into a mental rut. It’s positive attitudes all around for this girl.

I knew that I needed to approach transferring to a new university from a positive perspective if I wanted to enjoy the next two years of my life, but I never knew that I would fall in love with the city or my new campus. At least not this quickly. I was afraid I would regret my decision to continue with my BEd degree, but my reaction could not have been more opposite. I know with everything inside me that this is the place that I need to be right now and I couldn’t be more excited about this fact.

I never knew I needed a new beginning, but here I am at the start of a new chapter and I cannot wait to turn another page.



And the rest, well it’s still unwritten ❤


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In The Moment We’re Lost and Found

Today’s soundtrack Sunday is a song by none other than the wonderful Birdy. Lately music from the UK has just been giving me the feels (who am I kidding anything from the UK always gives me the feels!). If you haven’t heard of Birdy I highly suggest checking out her stuff. Wings is the single off of her upcoming album. I hope you enjoy this talented artist as much as I do. And good luck to all those starting school this fall! xo

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It’s The Fleeting Urge to Run, Like a Bird Flying by on a Summer Breeze

Today’s Soundtrack Sunday is a song from my favorite band, Parachute. They released a new album a couple of weeks ago called Overnight. I have been waiting for this album for ages. The problem with this is that after waiting so long, you start to expect more and hold things to higher standards. I am by no means disappointed by the new album, it’s just very different from their old stuff so it took a while to appreciate the new turn Parachute has taken. And I’ve got to say, it is an impressive album. Parachute never fails to produce good music. This song is my favorite on the album so give a listen and maybe you’ll fall in love with them too. Happy Sunday all! xo

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She Ain’t You – New Hollow

I heard this song on the radio today and I’m totally digging it, so of course I had to post it for Soundtrack Sunday! I’m all out of creative juices to amp up this post, so instead let’s just enjoy the music!

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