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Life’s Too Short For Burnt Toast

photo (4)I’ve recently moved in with some relatives of mine while I complete my final teaching practicum. Before moving to my new home I was quite nervous because I was facing the unknown. I had only met these relatives once before when I was very young, so I had no idea what my life would be like in this new home. I am pleased to say I feel more at home than I could have ever imagined. What I find most important about my time here is that I am surrounded by people who live with such a positive perspective. You can feel the positive energy as soon as you cross the threshold of this home. They are teaching me appreciation of the little things in life. This morning for example I burned my toast and was quite upset about ruining my breakfast. I could have let it ruin my entire day, but then my aunt walked into the kitchen and said frankly “life’s too short for burnt toast.” In that moment I realized something, that life really is too short. Life is too short for wearing uncomfortable shoes, for always being in a rush, and holding grudges. Life’s too short to complain about the weather and to have regrets. Life’s too short for worrying about the future and for not saying I love you. And life certainly is too short for burnt toast.

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Truly Meaningful Things


Why is it so hard to write things that mean something? I always struggle with this. I think that we all are trying to find something that makes our lives meaningful. I always wanted to be an artist of some sort. You know, someone who has a creative mind. A songwriter. A photographer. A painter. I’m not saying that I am not any of those, it’s just that I’ve never thought my abilities in those areas were good enough to share with the world. So then I ask, is it important that I share those with the world? Is sharing your work what gives meaning? And I think the answer to that is no. I can do those things for myself, but there is something to be said to be someone who creates things that mean something to other people. When I look at my life, the thing that I think that I have the best shot at when it comes to making something that I truly want to share with the world is writing. I am in awe of the written language everyday and I want to contribute to that. I guess what I’m saying is that all I want is to create truly meaningful things. I think we all should.

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