Strangers Helping Each Other Along This Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Life


I wanted to share one of my favorite websites with everyone on my blog: Basically this website is a place to dump all of your emotions out into the cyber world for someone to respond to. So you “check” your baggage in and then someone will “pick up” your baggage by responding with kind words and a song. Seriously isn’t that the greatest thing!?

This site is absolutely wonderful for so many reasons:

It’s completely anonymous. You only need to use your email to receive your message, but the person who “picks up” your baggage has no way of seeing your email or contacting you in any way other than the one message of kind words.

It’s a place of harmony. Most people who use this website are there for the same reasons you are, to find a little hope in their day. And it’s such a beautiful thing to connect with complete strangers even if it is for a fleeting moment in time.

It’s secretly a music site. My favorite part of this site is that on top of sending kind words to each other, you send a link to a song that you think will be meaningful to their situation. Music speaks on so many levels and sometimes all you need is a song and a few kind words to get through the day.

On a more personal note, emotional baggage check has helped me through some really tough situations. I discovered this website in my first year of university which was an extremely difficult time in my life. At a time in my life where I felt so completely alone, emotional baggage check was a place where I could find a little hope. It made me feel a little less alone. I’ve saved every message anyone has ever sent me on this site and sometimes I return to these words when I’m having a rough day. It is amazing how a few simple kind words from a complete stranger can have such a huge impact on your life. So if you’re feeling down, or you feel like lending a helping hand, visit this website and join the community of strangers helping each other along this emotional roller coaster that is life.


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