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It’s The Fleeting Urge to Run, Like a Bird Flying by on a Summer Breeze

Today’s Soundtrack Sunday is a song from my favorite band, Parachute. They released a new album a couple of weeks ago called Overnight. I have been waiting for this album for ages. The problem with this is that after waiting so long, you start to expect more and hold things to higher standards. I am by no means disappointed by the new album, it’s just very different from their old stuff so it took a while to appreciate the new turn Parachute has taken. And I’ve got to say, it is an impressive album. Parachute never fails to produce good music. This song is my favorite on the album so give a listen and maybe you’ll fall in love with them too. Happy Sunday all! xo

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She Ain’t You – New Hollow

I heard this song on the radio today and I’m totally digging it, so of course I had to post it for Soundtrack Sunday! I’m all out of creative juices to amp up this post, so instead let’s just enjoy the music!

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I’m Still Trying to Figure Out How That May Be

I'm Still Trying to Figure Out How That May Be

Last night, my friend Kal and I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot, and she took this photo which I think brilliantly represents my life at the moment. My future is very uncertain and open ended right now and I think this picture depicts the (literal) long road ahead of me. And though it’s been difficult for me to not have a clear cut plan, I have learned to appreciate this moment in time.

I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth in these past few years, and I know the years to come will be marked by even more growth. With so much uncertainty of course comes my emotions. But even when I’m sad I find it to be beautiful. I take solace in my times of sadness, which is something that I’ve never been able to do before.

Finding the beauty in sadness, it of course seems like quite an anomaly, however I’ve found it to be a contenting experience. I am both excited and scared of my future, and this prospect is quite invigorating and duly frightening. I am determined to make these contradictions work in harmony, no matter how unorthodox that may be.

In attempts to anchor this post in clarity, I’ll leave you with this quote from one of my favorite books:

“So this is my life and I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that may be” ~Perks of Being a Wallflower

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~Down By The River Where We Used To Meet~

~Down By The River Where We Used To Meet~

I’m very excited for this Soundtrack Sunday because this song was suggested by one of my very good friends Kal, who also happens to be a musical wizard. She’s been posting daily songs all summer so if you want to check her out here’s the link to her blog: Believe me, she has really good taste in music!

Anyways, the song I’m posting today is called The River and it was produced by one of Kal’s friends from University which I think is just the coolest thing. Do I know all of the technical work that goes in to producing a song? Uh that would be a NO! However I can appreciate good music when I hear it, and this song is nothing short of perfection. The first time Kal showed me this song I obviously fell in love. The track is so natural, and by that I mean it literally sounds like nature! And it has that folk/pop feel that I am so digging this summer. So I really hope you enjoy The River and if you want to hear more from Liv Cazzola you should visit her facebook page and give her a little love. Have a beautiful Sunday my lovelies. xo

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Down Dust and Pine Cone Tracks

As long as summer is, I find it tends to slip away in the blink of an eye. That’s why every August Long, my friends and I like to take a little road trip. I mean if you ever want to get to know someone really well, just pack yourselves in a car with all the camping stuff you can squeeze in and just drive. It’s a beautiful tradition and I will take these memories with me forever. This year only two of us were able to embark on the journey. We drove to the mountains where a heritage festival was going on. Despite the somewhat rainy weather the trip was amazing! We went on guided nature tours, a mine tour, and participated in a lot of community events. It was so refreshing to go somewhere we’d never been before and experience so much nature with people we didn’t know. Many of the people who came out to the heritage events were either families with small children or locals who were at least 30 years older than us, which was actually pretty awesome. We met a bunch of really interesting people who were willing to share their stories and knowledge with us. It was such an amazing way to spend the weekend!
I chose to post Old pine for this Soundtrack Sunday because Ben Howard manages to capture everything I’m feeling in his lyrics and I think this song is the perfect match for this weekend roadie.

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