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“I Should Do That More Often”

I’ve found myself saying “I should do that more often” a lot lately. However these fleeting thoughts tend leave my mind before I find time to commit to them. I decided it’s time to write them down, this way I am kind of obligated to commit to them, I mean it’s basically written in stone at this point! So I challenged myself to compile a list of things that I should do more often, here they are:

1. Wake up earlier. Whenever I wake up early I feel so refreshed and ready for the day. The morning is my favorite time of day, so why am I squandering my time away laying in bed? I want to wake up to a fresh clarity every morning. Whether I go for a run, or just sit out on the deck with a cup of tea (but trust me, there’s going to be a lot more tea drinking than there is running), my mornings are going to start at 7:00 am for the rest of the summer!

2. Make an effort to use people’s names more when I am talking to them. I always find that when someone uses my name when they are talking to me the conversation seems more meaningful. It’s nice to be addressed by name and I find that it builds a stronger connection between people, especially when you are only an acquaintance with somebody. And I know it may seem silly, but it makes me feel special when someone uses my name in conversation and I want to give that feeling back to others.

3. Go outside more. Around here winter literally lasts for half of the year, so when we are not plagued by 30 below weather I should be enjoying the outdoors. I live on a quiet acreage surrounded by trees, the perfect place for going outside and I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

4. Let go of the little things. This seems simple, self explanatory, and possibly even pointless to write down. However, I have been known to get hung up on tiny details that eventually turn into bigger issues (very mountain-out-of-a-molehill type things), in which case this is an extremely important point for me to work on!

5. Take more pictures. My mom takes a lot of pictures, but ever since I moved away from home I’m finding that there are less and less picture of my life (oh no!). I want to be able to look back at my life through pictures. So I’ve challenged myself to take at least 5 lifestyle photos each day then at the end of the day I save my favorite one. It’s kind of like keeping a visual journal if you think about it.

And that’s it! It’s a short list, but it is ever growing believe me! And I know if I make a conscious effort to do these things I will be more satisfied with the way I live my life. I challenge you to do the same. Good luck!

camping backpack bun graffiti

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T.h.i.e.f.s – Restless

Well this is my first Soundtrack Sunday and I’ve got to say that I am very excited to start sharing music with you! I wanted to start off by posting one of my summer favorites. This song just gives me the feeeels. It’s a summer must have in my opinion! I hope you enjoy!

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Soundtrack Sundays

So I’ve decided to start a little consistency up with this blog! I love blogging, but up until this point my posts have been really sporadic. This is why I’ve came up with a new weekly post: Soundtrack Sunday. If you know me at all you’ll know that I have a wild love affair with music and I want to share this love with you. So that being said, every Sunday I’ll be posting a new song. I of course will continue to post my musings on life as I have been previous to this. Anyways, I look forward to sharing my music with you and I of course would love if you shared your music with me as well. Have a lovely week all!

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After All This Time?

After All This Time?

I’m re-reading the Harry Potter Series this summer. This will be the the 7th time I’ve read the series, sooo I think it’s safe to say I’m a pretty big fan of these books. I love re-reading this series because no matter how many times I read the books I get sucked right back into the wizarding world as if it was my first time through them.

I love that these books literally never get old. I still have all the same emotions that I felt the first time I read the words. I still am in awe of Dumbledore’s unwavering wisdom, I still laugh at Fred and George’s tricks, I will always sneer at Malfoy and his gang, I can feel a phantom prickling of my nonexistent scar whenever Voldemort is near, and I smile every time Harry, Ron, and Hermione take me on a new adventure.

When I read any book, I get completely enveloped in the story. I get so invested in the characters and the plot that the story tends to spill out into my reality. But with Harry Potter this phenomenon has actually been magnified. It’s more than a story for me, it has been a guiding force and an epic adventure that has been a part of my life for a really long time.

I grew up alongside the characters, as many people my age have. I started reading HP with my parents when I was in grade 3. That’s 11 years ago people! My whole family has a lot invested in the series and Harry Potter references are frequent in my household (including but not limited to calling each other the dark lord when we are angry, getting time-outs for Avada-Kedavraing each other in imaginary play, and using Dumbledore’s wise words as life lessons on a daily basis).

Needless to say HP is pretty important to me. And it is not just the magical world that I find so mesmerizing (don’t get me wrong the magic part is EPIC) but there is so much value in the content of the books. One does not need to look too deeply before discovering the positive messages that run in every book. One of my longstanding role models to this day happens to be the fictional, yet extremely strong and inspirational Minerva McGonagall. So what if one of my role models happen to be fictional?! I believe that the things we perceive as real, are in fact real in their effects. Besides, each and every character is crafted to perfection and they all hold a special place in my heart.

Though I get so enveloped in these books that fiction and reality become inextricably intertwined with one another, I am a firm believer in this quote by the forever wise Dumbledore:

“Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”


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The Life of an Almost Photographer

The Life of an Almost Photographer

SO I went camping this weekend with my friend Kal and her family. The campgrounds were in the middle of the city, yet there were so many trees around that it didn’t seem like we were just seconds away from civilization. I absolutely loved the campgrounds, the walking trails were beautiful and quite frankly it was perfect for practicing a little photography. And let me tell you, we went a little crazy with the picture taking. Between the two of us we took 400 pictures! The photo in set is one of my favorites from the weekend.

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I’m Just Floating Along, Waiting for This Weird State to End

I’ve been in a state of nothingness lately. And though it sounds bad, it’s not terrible. I am not sad by any means, I’m actually quite happy. It’s summer, I have the job that I want, I’ve got a pretty rad tan, I have a lot of free time, which all adds up to a positive for me, but I still feel like I’m in a weird state. Days go by and good things happen, sometimes bad things too, but I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. Life is happening, but I don’t feel like it’s passing me by either. Time is suspended but all the while it keeps moving on. The best way I can describe what I’m feeling is this: Narnia. Buuuut I don’t feel like I’m the one in Narnia, it’s like someone else has entered Narnia in which case time has stopped in the real world while those who are in Narnia are the only ones who experience a change in time. It’s not like I’m stuck relieving the same day over and over again, each day is different, but time has suspended itself for me. I’m just floating along waiting for this weird state to end.


This is a picture of my yard lamp in winter and it looks suspiciously Narnia-like

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