“The First Wisdom of Sociology is This…


So lately I’ve been thinking about Sociology a lot. For those of you who don’t know, Sociology put simply is the study of society. While I was in university I took quite a few Sociology classes. They don’t have anything specifically to do with my degree, but after I took an Intro Soc class, I was hooked. As my second year of my university career came to an end, I realized I could no longer get away with taking Soc courses without changing my degree. So I was faced with the decision of either remaining on the path I had already set for myself, or changing my degree, and the thing that you have to know about me is that I love Sociology! It has no doubt transformed my life. I can honestly say that I view my life in a very different manner then I did before taking these courses. Sociology has challenged my understandings, my standpoints, and perspectives, which in turn has created a new outlook for me. I have always believed myself to be a rather open minded person, open to new perspectives and experiences and Sociology has helped further develop ideas that I already saw inside myself. So when I realized I could no longer take Soc courses, I got scared. I didn’t want everything I learned to be lost and I seriously considered changing my entire career path to pursue this passion. But then I realized that everything I learned from the courses could not be taken away from me. I don’t need a classroom to learn Sociology, it is in fact all around me and it has sparked something inside of me that will forever remain.

                     …Things are not as They Seem”

                                          ~P. Berger

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2 thoughts on ““The First Wisdom of Sociology is This…

  1. I am a sociology major too! Well, just graduated! It’s my life. It changed my onesided thinking and it changed my life too! I love that book by the way. It’s one of the books I used too! I love your p Berger quote. My Prof was actually a student under him!!

    • Congratulations on graduating! I’m so glad Sociology has had such a positive impact on your life as well! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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