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I’m Searching For a Paradise, For the Time of My Life

I'm Searching For a Paradise, For the Time of My Life

There are few things in life that I truly describe as perfect, but last night I went to see City and Colour live and it was absolutely every form of perfect.

My friends and I drove a total of six hours to go to this concert (in the middle of the week!) and it was worth every minute and every dime. The venue was absolutely beautiful. We were outdoors in a garden surrounded by trees and people. We staked out prime seating on a hillside, and though we were quite far away from the stage it did not take away from Dallas Green’s flawless voice. The milling of people and occasional bird flying by only added to the atmosphere. I cannot describe how amazing it was to be with my best friends listening to this marvelous man sing. As I said, flawless.

Today, I’ve been reliving every moment of the concert in my head, and the thing is, the more I think about it the better it becomes in my mind. I sometimes find that concerts these days are way to over-the-top shows. Don’t get me wrong I love a good dramatic performance, complete with dancers, acrobatics, and real live fire, but sometimes it’s nice to strip all of that away and return to simplicity. It was humbling to be a part of something so pure and so real again.

Just a man and his guitar can really put things into perspective.

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Will You Be My Memory?

right by the ocean


So if you haven’t noticed, music is kind of a big deal for me. There are many reasons why music is so important to me, and one of them is that they are the perfect markers of time. A song can bring back really vivid memories for me. It is the most beautiful thing when a song brings you down memory lane. I find a compilation of songs has an even greater power of transporting me to the past. This is why I am always making mixed tapes and playlists. I’ve decided to make a playlist of some of my favorite songs to be the soundtrack to my summer. Feel free to give a listen to the songs that I’ll be blasting all summer, and maybe one day they’ll bring you back to the summer of twenty thirteen as well!

My Summer Playlist:

Photo found on We Heart It

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I Swear I Can Hear Every Heartbeat In This Place

I’ve had one of those evenings that is just so full of overwhelming emotion. But the good kind of emotion. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance and as usual it moved me to tears. Actually that’s an understatement, more like it moved me to full on ugly crying.

The dance starts at 1:00, but I encourage you to watch the first minute because the story demonstrated through the dance beautiful. The composition was inspired by the events at Boston, but the group focused on all of the positive aspects of the tragedy, the altruism and the kindness of those who helped in the aftermath.

I was really struck by this concept. Sometimes it can be so saddening when you hear of all the tragedies that plague our world today. It’s even more discouraging when you feel like there’s nothing you can do about it. But that’s not true, there is always something. No matter how small the act, do not feel it is not enough. It truly is the little things that have the greatest magnitude.

Music,dance, words, these are the things that tend to inspire me the most. I thank the dancers who choreographed and performed this dance. The story coupled with Bon Iver’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” makes this piece exquisitely heartbreaking.

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“The First Wisdom of Sociology is This…


So lately I’ve been thinking about Sociology a lot. For those of you who don’t know, Sociology put simply is the study of society. While I was in university I took quite a few Sociology classes. They don’t have anything specifically to do with my degree, but after I took an Intro Soc class, I was hooked. As my second year of my university career came to an end, I realized I could no longer get away with taking Soc courses without changing my degree. So I was faced with the decision of either remaining on the path I had already set for myself, or changing my degree, and the thing that you have to know about me is that I love Sociology! It has no doubt transformed my life. I can honestly say that I view my life in a very different manner then I did before taking these courses. Sociology has challenged my understandings, my standpoints, and perspectives, which in turn has created a new outlook for me. I have always believed myself to be a rather open minded person, open to new perspectives and experiences and Sociology has helped further develop ideas that I already saw inside myself. So when I realized I could no longer take Soc courses, I got scared. I didn’t want everything I learned to be lost and I seriously considered changing my entire career path to pursue this passion. But then I realized that everything I learned from the courses could not be taken away from me. I don’t need a classroom to learn Sociology, it is in fact all around me and it has sparked something inside of me that will forever remain.

                     …Things are not as They Seem”

                                          ~P. Berger

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Some People Feel the Rain, Others Just Get Wet

Some People Feel the Rain, Others Just Get Wet

It’s been raining a lot lately where I live, which of course I LOVE! I love the sound and smell and feel of rain. Okay really though what’s not to love!? Rain really is the best weather in my opinion!

This picture is the view of the yard from my Parent’s deck. When we were little we would sit under the covered deck whenever there was a big storm and we’d just watch the rain pour down. I think these fond memories are part of the reason I love the rainy weather so much.

It doesn’t always rain where I live, so I’ve found a bit of a substitute for those days when I want a rainy day, but the rain gods just aren’t paying attention to my rain dance! This amazing website: lets you listen to rain sounds whenever you want! Needless to say, I use this website a LOT! I play the rain sounds with music with it too, usually Bon Iver or Ben Howard. So hopefully this post has inspired you to make your not so rainy day, rainy!

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Sing Out the Silence, Fill For Ever and Ever the Emptiness

Sing Out the Silence, Fill For Ever and Ever the Emptiness

I’ve been reminiscing on my trip to the UK lately and I wanted to share this photo. At first it seems like nothing special, but to me this photo is one of my favorite pictures because beyond this arch was a courtyard. I remember the calm quiet of the courtyard was such a contrast from the bustling streets of Edinburgh. And my favorite part of this courtyard was that the tiles on the ground were engraved with quotes. The title of this post is a quote that I saw and fell in love with by James Allan Ford. If you ever end up on the streets of Edinburgh, I strongly suggest that you take time to pop in and out of the quaint little Closes ❤

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