Musings on Me, Myself, and I

I feel like a great deal of everyone’s time is spent trying to figure out who they are. And the thing is, I don’t know if we ever completely find out. I don’t think this means that we’re not content with who we are, but I think we spend a lot of time reflecting on ourselves and who we are. I know I’m definitely a person who does this. Most days I am extremely aware of who I am and what to expect from myself, but other days I surprise myself. Image

How can one surprise themselves? I mean we are in control of our own mind, so there should be no surprises. I guess this is where we grow. When we push ourselves, when we surprise ourselves, we grow. I think the reason why we can’t entirely predict who we are or what we’re going to do is because we are always growing. No one is ever completely stagnant.

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