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Just to be clear, I spend a normal amount of time in coffee shops

Just to be clear, I spend a normal amount of time in coffee shops

It would appear that I seem to spend a lot of time in coffee shops. But just to be clear, I spend a normal amount of time in coffee shops, however I just happen to blog a lot while sipping on teas which I think may give off the impression that I freaking live in these places.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned through blogging, it is that on the internet you can make yourself appear in any way you wish. I’m not saying that I’m just a facade, but I think it’s important to realize that there’s a person behind every computer screen who leads a completely normal life. This is just an interesting fact for me because I’ve always been the person who follows other people on social media, I’ve never been one to be followed.

So having my own blog has been demystifying for me, but not in a bad way. I like being on this side of the computer, watching my life unfold both on the screen and in life.

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~You Found it in the City~


Normally I’m not one for spontaneity, but when it’s 10:00 am and my best friend calls me up asking if I want to go to the city for a day of walking in and out of coffee shops and record stores, I am always in! So I spent today with my two best friends surrounded by the city life. As we were city loving, we came across this door which is all kinds of perfect. I mean it’s red with an anchor handle, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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Coffee Shop Soundtrack

There’s nothing I love better than spending a rainy evening in a coffee shop with friends!

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I Wanna Stay Up All Night

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to stay up all night and not be tired the next day. I don’t really know what I’d do with all that time, but right now I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow so I could stay up and have the night to myself. The world would be asleep, but I’d be up cooking pasta in my kitchen while watching (500) Days of Summer, secretly hoping that even though the movie explicitly states it is not a love story, Summer and Tom will actually be in love and they’ll live happily ever after. Then I’d sit outside on my front lawn and look at the stars and feel so small. And as dawn approached I’d go inside and drink tea and make blueberry waffles and listen to Parachute. But even even if I did stay up all night, the reality is that I would probably just watch old episodes of The Office until I fell asleep on the couch. However, since it is a Wednesday, and since I am not a night person I’ll just go to sleep as usual and live out this dream in the daylight. C’est la Vie!

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~Why Are You My Clarity~


I’m having one of those very content days. I usually spend a lot of my time thinking about my future because I am in a point in my life where virtually anything is possible. I’m not grounded anywhere, everything is literally in transit. Sometimes I find this very overwhelming, but right now I’m very content to leave things open ended. So I’m going to spend my afternoon sipping my Red Velvet London Fog and savor this moment in time.

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Musings on Me, Myself, and I

I feel like a great deal of everyone’s time is spent trying to figure out who they are. And the thing is, I don’t know if we ever completely find out. I don’t think this means that we’re not content with who we are, but I think we spend a lot of time reflecting on ourselves and who we are. I know I’m definitely a person who does this. Most days I am extremely aware of who I am and what to expect from myself, but other days I surprise myself. Image

How can one surprise themselves? I mean we are in control of our own mind, so there should be no surprises. I guess this is where we grow. When we push ourselves, when we surprise ourselves, we grow. I think the reason why we can’t entirely predict who we are or what we’re going to do is because we are always growing. No one is ever completely stagnant.

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